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Commercial Air Conditioning


Commercial Air Conditioners for Australia

Commercial air conditioning is more prominent, and rightly so, in Australia than any other country. The searing heat of the day on top of a skyscraper can topple all most all commercial grade air conditioners. Pioneer International Pty. Ltd. engineers, again, have over come this common flaw with their commercial range.

Commercial Air Conditioners are installed in more places

Some of Pioneer International Pty. Ltd.’s commercial air conditioners have been installed in more places than you might think. Skyscrapers through out Australia have been cooled and warmed by our machines time and time again. Pioneer International Pty. Ltd. prides itself on the ability to control the climate for thousands of people.

3 year commercial warranty

Again, no other air conditioner brand has a three year commercial warranty. They are the most reliable machines on the market today, that is why we can give more time in warranty to you.