Warranty Terms

The following are the terms and conditions of the warranty provided by Pioneer International Pty. Ltd..

1. This Warranty:

a. Commences from the date of purchase;

b. Covers the unit against defective parts and labour;

c. Has a total duration of five years (domestic);

d. Is limited to the original purchaser;

e. Covers the unit detailed on this warranty registration;

f. Is valid in the state specified on the warranty card;

g. As Pioneer have different warranties in Australia and other parts of the world we wish to advise that having the wrong warranty card with your unit does not automatically give you that warranty. You will be entitled to the warranty appropriate to your area.

2. Terms and Conditions of this Warranty:

a. The equipment is to be installed in accordance with manufacturers recommendations;

b. This warranty card must be produced for service to be carried out under warranty;

c. Unit defects shall not include and it shall be the owner's responsibility to rectify or replace any damage to the metal work, paintwork and finished trims of the product caused by normal weathering, hail, atmospheric fallout, salt or other corrosive residue;

d. The Manufacturer is not responsible for the repair of defects caused by incorrect voltage, accident, fire, abuse, faulty or improper installation, alterations, negligence, incorrect operation and Acts of God. Three phase units must be turned off during an electrical storm;

e. The Manufacture is not responsible for faults such as field wiring or gas leaks, where such faults are not part of the original manufactured unit.

f. Service will be carried out at the premises of the owner unless other wise necessary, without cost to the owner unless otherwise necessary, without cost to the owner for parts or repair. Should it be necessary to transport the unit for repair work to be carried out all the transport and transport insurance cost will be the responsibility of the owner;

g. Repairs to the product during the warranty period must be carried out by the manufacturer or an approved Pioneer service agent;

h. Repairs carried out during the warranty period will themselves be guaranteed from the time of completion, for the duration of the product's original warranty period;

i. Warranty registration card must be returned within 14 days of installation or warranty registration online must be done 14 days of installation.

j. This warranty does not include 24-hour emergency service. If you require this type of breakdown service for medical or other reason, you need to organise separately with an outside Contractor.

3. This Warranty will be invalidated if:

a. Any modification to the original equipment is carried out without the express permission of Pioneer International Condition Pty. Ltd;

b. The unit is relocated or reinstalled during the warranty period.

c .If the machine does not recieve an annual maintenance by Pioneer International Pty. Ltd. or an authorised service agent.

Under this Warranty

a. Product defects will be repaired at the premises of the owner unless otherwise necessary, without cost to the owner for parts or repair.

b. Repairs carried out during the warranty period, by an unauthorised company, will themselves be guaranteed from the time of completion, for the duration of the products original warranty.

c. Damage caused to this unit by loss of phases is not covered under this warranty

Owners Responsibility

a. A dirty filter may restrict air flow to the indoor section of the unit. This must be cleaned regularly. If not cleaned damage to the compressor may result;

b. Debris, leaves etc may block the coil of the outdoor section of the unit. Check occasionally;

c. Blocked drainage pipes - this can cause excess condensate water to accumulate in the base of the indoor unit. Check in humid weather;

d. A call out fee will be charged to the owner if the problem with the system is an installation fault or caused by equipment not part of the pioneer unit.


Clean the filter regularly.

To clean the filter - simply remove it from the return air grille and spray gently with a garden hose - dry before replacing. After electrical storms check that your three phase fuses are intact and you still have 415V before turning the unit on.